Final Cry Custom Drums Components


Final Cry Custom Drums Maple ShellsThe foundational shells for our drums are choice North American hard maple shells. These shells produce an elevated head response as well as a noticeable increase in overall drum performance over other types of wood shells. They have a wide tonal range and offer a rich, warm resonant sound.

Shell thicknesses and depths affect the tone, attack and resonance of the drum. We offer a near limitless range of shell dimensions and thicknesses, from our super resonant 6 ply toms, up to our 15 ply cannon'esk snares. We can help you choose what's right for the sound you're looking for. If you need a custom depth or ply, we'll be happy to oblige. Of course if you need a birch or mahogony kit or you need a carbon fiber, aluminum, steel or acrilic snare to add to your kit, we've got that too.

CNC Machined Lugs

Final Cry Custom Drums CNC Machined Chrome LugsResonance in a drum shell is killed by holes in the shell and mass added to the shell. The more holes in the shell and the more mass added to the shell, the dryer and less resonant the sound of the drum. Likewise, cast metal parts have microscopic air-pockets within the cast, which further dampen resonance and pose a decrease in structural integrity. For this reason, Final Cry Custom Drums uses single point, solid, CNC machined lugs on almost all of our drums.

Our lugs are CNC machined from solid aerospace alloy bar stock. They feature free-floating stainless steel tension rod inserts, which aid in tuning accuracy and make tension rod alignment difficulties a thing of the past! Each lug is mounted to the drum using a single mounting screw, and the lug itself is isolated from the drum shell with a rubber o-ring. The result? Extended warmth, resonance and a crisp, clean look. It's a beautiful thing!

Bearing Edges

Final Cry Custom Drums Precision Bearing EdgesThis is undoubtedly one of the most important components to the drum. The bearing edge influences the sound of your drums more than just about any other part of the drum. The most common edge cut on our drums is the double 45, which has a 45 degree counter cut on both the inside and outside edge. This bearing edge is highly efficient and results in greater overall resonance and extended tuneability in the drum.  The second most common bearing edge is the round over, which produces a more focussed attack and raw tone, but yeilds a bit less resonance and offers a narrower tuning range. The round over is a great edge for that "vintage" feel.

Our bearing edges are precesion machine cut, then delicately finished and sealed by hand. This produces an edge which is true, consistent and provides a great seat for the drum head to make contact with. The bottom line: Whatever the sound you're looking for, we can achieve it for you with preceision bearing edges.

Trick Strainers

Final Cry Custom Drums Trick Snare StrainersThe Trick Strainer is the end-all, beat-all of snare throw-off mechanisms.... period. This strainer is so amazing, it is standard equipment on every snare drum we build. The Trick snare throw-off and butt end are manufactured using billet aluminum, stainless and hardened steel, and are machined rather than cast.

Like our CNC machined lugs, the Trick throw-off and butt end feature minimal shell contact, further extending the tonal and resonant qualities of the drum. It is the most precise, smoothest operating, durable throw-off we have ever seen.

Although we have extreme confidence in the look, performance, and durability of the Trick Strainer, we recognize there are times when an artist may want a more vintage instrument. In such instances, we will gladly provide you with an appropriate strainer. After all, this is a custom shop!